I am absolutely changing my name to Cherax Destructor. 

Tonight’s fond memory of high school brought to you by: 

Hey, remember that time we raised yabbies in the ornamental fountain in the year eleven quadrangle? That was top. 




If you didn’t think “Shia LaBeouf” could get better, you were wrong.

I literally can’t believe this exists there are tears in my eyes that I don’t remember crying

i just

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Spent yesterday at hospital with mump while she got her tonsils removed, collecting as many juices as we could before visiting hours ended. 

If you’re anything like me, you have a secret supply of Twixes that you keep stumbling across accidentally, and when you go through the Macca’s drive thru the guy greets you like an old friend and says “I haven’t seen you for ages!” 


A Softer World: 1159

(still eating cheerios til you make yourself sick.)

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"Very funny," I mutter quietly to myself, because I’m watching comedy alone at night in my bedroom. 

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lyrics: i love kfc, because it tastes so good tonight
da da dun x2, it’s chicken chicken chicken,
i love kfc (OH!), *gibberish*, CHICKEN CHICKEN CHICKEN,
*gibberish* made out of lies, my je ne sais quoi and a little humble pie,
cause i love chicken and that’s what i gotta say *gibberish*,
all i gotta *gibberish* I LOVE KFC!!!! OHOHHOHOH
chicken chiCKEN CHICKEN
*more gibberish* *more chicken* *screams*

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