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Last night, mump and I watched the season finale of Masterchef and learnt an important lesson about investing your emotions in the lives of strangers on TV. 

My preferred aesthetic is poncho men with giant photoshopped heads and tiny hands. 

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"so whats your gender?"

*x files theme starts playing*

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You’d think that the one thing dinosaurs hated would be unseasonably warm weather. 

Well, someone’s living out their darkest timeline. 

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Every time I look at the US I feel like it’s a friend that I lost touch with after primary school when they started to go a little weird. And now I’m a bit put off by them and don’t really want to be friends again, but I don’t wish them ill. I just wish they’d take a look at their life and decide if this is who they really want to be. 

"Are you okay, friend?" I’d say. "You’re looking a little… you’re looking a little scary. Do you have someone you can talk to? I saw your mum at the shops the other day and she just looked tired."

The thing about travelling in Australia is that if you don’t properly research what you need for your trip you could easily find yourself up Wolf Creek without a paddle.