I really appreciate this manhole cover’s commitment to Sparkle Motion. 

Fell over on my way to work, yesterday. And because I was wearing heels, boy did I go down hard. 

"Even as she’s getting more ill, we’re seeing that she gets paler, but she makes the effort. She’s going to put her eyes on…You can’t control your health, but you can control your look." [x]

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  • whitepajamas: you know those times when you really hope no one's around to see you?
  • mump: zio ate a sandwich out of a bin today.
  • mump's family: WHAT?
  • whitepajamas: that was a PRIVATE MOMENT NOT TO BE SHARED.

Half one in the morning is pants roulette time. 

Is it worth making the dash across open ground to the bathroom sans dungarees, or is the risk too great to take without first strapping my legs back into their flannelette prison. 




Happy the Zombie

This is adorable as heck.

Oh my goodness gracious

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Very suspicious of people stealing his tail


Very suspicious of people stealing his tail

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It’s a good point well made, actually. Very astute. You’re right, of course. Sometimes there is just too darn much blood in my itty bitty head. 

  • whitepajamas: did i tell you about that that time mump had a dream i wronged her and she didn't speak to me for a day?
  • yvette: i actually had a nightmare last--
  • whitepajamas: she had another dream last night where i kept interrupting her and it was really irritating.
  • yvette: i can't imagine.