It turns out that it’s actually incredibly easy to catch a cat. 

Update: Yvette is trapped in Hawaii. 

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these might be the two greatest photos ever taken

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I was vacuuming the bathroom just now, when I accidentally knocked the toilet roll off the counter. I swung around to catch it, forgetting that I was holding the vacuum in my hand. The pipe of the vacuum just happened to perfectly catch the end of the toilet roll, and that was it. Nothing I could do. Before it hit the ground, in front of my very eyes, half a roll of toilet paper just disappeared into the vacuum with a satisfying “ptthb” noise. The suction of the vacuum cleaner kept the roll spinning neatly in mid-air until the deed was done and the empty cardboard tube clattered sadly onto the floor, stripped of its flesh. 

Today’s look brought to you by the phrase, “That’ll do.” 

If I had to summarise exactly what kind of terrible friend I am, I think I would have to refer you to the number of times I have broken into sweet-jane-approximately’s house and taken photos of her sleeping. 

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No son, you can’t wear that. My eyes are registering that wavelength of light as something GIRLS WEAR.

I just had a sudden and ill-advised desire to know what my life looked like from the outside.