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It’s four-thirty in the morning. I cannot sleep. I have not been able to sleep for a WEEK? This inability to sleep has coincided with me accidentally unlocking a new emotion. 

I was literally just lying here wondering if this is what it’s like to have feelings. Like, you can’t sleep any more because suddenly you CARE ABOUT STUFF? EVERYTHING HAS CONSEQUENCES NOW. JESUS. NO MORE GOOFING AROUND, ZIO. YOU’RE PLAYING WITH THE BIG BOY EMOTIONS, BUDDY. 

Anyway, I just started down that train of thought and suddenly the heavens opened. It just started pouring. Like the universe is angry at my pathetic stumbling attempts at introspection. SHUT UP, ZIO. NO. NO THINKING, ONLY FEELING. It’s now four thirty-six and the rain has completely stopped as suddenly as it started. 

I don’t even feel tired? I JUST WANT TO SLEEP. 

My sleeping habits are so out of whack that I had lunch at ten o’clock this morning and didn’t even notice. 

Zio you wear exactly the same outfit every single day. 


I think my aim in life is to be that weirdo whose door kids dare each other to knock on at Halloween. 

Yvette’s home! She’s passed out on her computer right now, but before she lost consciousness, she presented me with a pair of colourful shoes, a 3PO Pez dispenser and a packet of sour cream and onion flavoured dead crickets. 

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It is only a matter of time before my parents turn into those racist old white people in the nursing home who accuse the nurses of stealing their dentures.